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135 Projects Apply for Deutsche Bank Urban Age Award in Delhi

The seventh edition of the Deutsche Bank Urban Age Award, created to encourage initiatives that improve the quality of life in urban environments, received 135 applications from the Delhi region.

The submissions reflect the vibrancy and creativity of Delhi’s citizens in dealing with the social and urban challenges facing their city. The projects also depict significant cooperation among several stakeholders such as social activists, community groups, foundations, architects and designers, local authorities, universities, and governmental organisations. The submissions represent a diverse range of projects. The initiatives fall into various categories such as education, culture, environment, sanitation, public space, transport and recycling.

The winning project(s) will be chosen by an independent jury, composed of international urban experts and prominent local figures. The prize worth100,000 USD will be awarded on 14 November 2014.

The Deutsche Bank Urban Age Award has been initiated to recognise and celebrate creative solutions to the problems and opportunities that face over half of the world’s population living in cities today. The award focuses on projects that benefit communities and local residents by improving their urban environments. It is designed to encourage citizens, policy-makers, businesses and non-governmental organisations to take a proactive role in forging shared responsibilities in cities in the 21st century – mankind’s first truly ‘urban’ age. The award was initiated by the Deutsche Bank’s Alfred Herrhausen Society in association with LSE Cities at the London School of Economics and Political Science. This year’s award has been organised in cooperation with the National Institute of Urban Affairs.

The first Award was presented in Mumbai in 2007, followed by São Paulo (2008), Istanbul (2009), Mexico City (2010) and Cape Town (2012). Previous winners include TriratnaPrerana Mandal, a community toilet project in Khotwadi in Mumbai that evolved into a multi-activity community centre and the Mumbai Waterfronts Centre, which worked to restore and transform the city’s waterfronts, starting in Bandra, into usable public spaces.

Rahul Mehrotra, architect and Professor of Urban Design and Planning at Harvard University, and Chair of the Deutsche Bank Urban Age Award Jury for 2014 says “Having been involved with the first Deutsche Bank Urban Age award in Mumbai in 2007, it is wonderful to see the initiative grow and now come to acknowledge the urban creativity and innovations in Delhi. The award process opens up critical discussions about urban problems and their potential solutions. It’s about recognising practices that solve key problems in otherwise contested situations and across a range of conditions that make the reality of any city in the world. The overwhelming response to the call for applications in Delhi is an indicator of the drive of its citizens to improve their city and I very much hope that projects of the final awardees will resonate globally in the lessons they will transmit.”

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