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6.99% Interest on Home Loans on All Properties at Ensaara Metropark

Luxora Infrastructure is very pleased to announce an agreement with HDFC to provide home loans at a special rate of 6.99% per annum. The rate, which is available for a limited period only, is exclusive to Ensaara Metropark. Ensaara latest offer will help reduce the overall cost of home ownership by reducing the buyer’s home loan interest burden to 6.99%, as compared to current prevailing interest rates of 10.25% to 10.50%.

The agreement means that prospective purchasers can enjoy so much more for lower monthly interest payments. Not only will they be able to choose from a range of six stylish and comfortable homes, which have been specially designed for Nagpur’s climate and will be cooler in summer and warmer in winter, but they’ll also be able to enjoy all of the amenities and facilities of the ‘first of its kind’ 300-acre metropark – all on their doorstep.

These facilities and amenities include a school operated by Centre Point School Group, a hospital, a member’s club and neighbourhood clubs, a prayer and worship zone, a shopping mall and convenience stores, a lakeside retail area with restaurants and coffee bars, police and fire stations, and a petrol and bus station.

Ensaara Metropark is located in South Nagpur (SoNa), where there’s the space to develop such an exclusive world, and it also boasts a 32-acre central park, Biodiversity and Astronomy Parks, gardens, adventure playgrounds, sports grounds, six acres of orchards and vegetable gardens, streams, ponds and a large lake – all master-planned by HOK, the international master-planners.

The agreement also means that prospective home owners will benefit from lower loan interest rates and reduced bills, because all of the homes at Ensaara Metropark are being built with energy-saving features, such as solar power, double-glazed windows and thermal exterior paint.

Commenting on the initiative, Mr.Sanjay Kothari, Group CEO said, “The true cost of a home is not just the price one pays to the developer, but it’s the price paid to the developer plus the interest cost on their home loan. We believe when it comes to owning a home nothing should come in the way. This offer from Ensaara will not only help the buyers (who were earlier waiting for rates to come down) in buying their dream homes but also send out a positive signal about the investment climate”.