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A Concrete tool to Win More tenders, Make more money and Stand-out from the crowd

For all concrete projects, simple or complex, residential or commercial, infra or industrial, a highly informative 3D model delivers a whole lot of benefits throughout the ‘design’ process.

With Tekla software you can go “a step-ahead” to use the 3D model for your ‘construction’ as well. It gives you ‘Real’ benefits by reducing your wastage, avoiding wrong placing of bars, scheduling formwork, coordinating with a rebar fabricator and to track the progress during concrete pouring.

In this webinar we will demonstrate:

  • How a basic sales model not only gets you your quantity take-offs, but allows you to win tenders as well.
  • How coordinating with your engineer, rebar fabricator or steel guy can be painless.
  • How models can be used on site to visualize progress and pour status.

By joining this webinar you will:

Learn the “Real benefits of concrete modelling” and how easy it is to  create an accurate project model, complete with rebar and formwork. Understand how your model:

  • Drives fast and accurate material quantity take-off for better estimates.
  • Helps validate schedule and improves production planning.
  • Automatically produces the required reports.
  • Ensures everything fits before you build it.

Who should join this webinar?

  • Developers / Owners
  • Contractors
  • Tender Quantity Estimators
  • Quality Control / Quality Assurance
  • Construction planners
  • Project Management consultants
  • Project / Site Managers

For more information contact – info.india@tekla.com – Phone – 022 6138 7777