Amidst chanting ‘Modi-Modi-Modi-Modi; PM quietly announces mega projects -

Amidst chanting ‘Modi-Modi-Modi-Modi; PM quietly announces mega projects

19000 Modi fans chanted throughout his speech at Madison Square Garden; while the charismatic mass leader emphasized upon the three ‘D’s which are in India’s favour at present ‘Democracy, Demography and Demand’.

Prime Minister Modi addressed everyone at the Madison Sqaue Garden but also those who were watching the event globally; saying ‘Make in India’ which will boost manufacturing.

He insisted on ‘Minimum government and maximum governance’. ‘No red tape but red carpet’.

Remembering Mahatma Gandhi and his vision of independent India; promised entire world and especially Indian American society of ‘Clean India’ by 2022 and Housing to all by 2019. While describing the current condition of ‘Sacred Ganga’; he also presented his chart to reverse the case and bring back all medicinal properties of Maa-Ganga.

In a way announced Multi-million dollar projects like Clean India, Clean-Ganga, with an emphasise on Housing for all and Make–in-India.

“Being a largest democracy in the world and the oldest civilization called India, all Indians must contribute” he continued, saying all are invited by opening a ‘goody’ bag for NRIs.

He compared similarities between India and America like ‘Democracy’ to ‘Mission to Mars’ while laying strong foundation of potentially strategic partnership between the US and India. US is expected to make announcements on huge investments in India.

Be it Indian Americans, US Diplomats, Media, Global audience and Investors all were all praises for Mr. Modi’s flamboyant presence at this much anticipated event.