Anti Swing Device, SRP with Advanced Safety Feature, by SPARTAN ENGINEERING -

Anti Swing Device, SRP with Advanced Safety Feature, by SPARTAN ENGINEERING

Many construction activities like external glass cleaning, external texture painting and plastering, chimney paintings etc are automated using machines like Rope Suspended Platforms. It has replaced the conventional Scaffolding systems as temporary working platform at heights.

With increasing heights of building structures which has reached upto 350 meters in India, customers face a different kind of challenge. Swinging of platforms during execution of applications and with high wind at  adds on to the hazards.

With Spartan being the leading manufacturer like plastering, grinding, Painting etc. of construction equipment for vertical movement of Man and Material our customer has high expectation from us to continuously innovate and keep on providing solutions for their day to day requirement. Customers across India needed a solution for above problem. High rise buildings and structures like chimneys, building near sea shores, multiple labour doing plastering where one needs to splash the concrete mix on to the building using trowel and planning the surface using floater puts the reverse pressure on the Platform due to which it swings back.

Thus Spartan came up with an array of accessories in to SRP increase performance, productivity and make the SRP which is also called as “Gondolas” safer and more effective. Spartan has come up with a unique solution called “Anti-Swing device” to arrest the Swinging of Platform for various  applications.

It is a simple accessory which customers can fix on to any Platform and the building. This device is made from a set of arresting galvanized wire rope, robust and strong counter weight tray to hold weight on the ground and few other robust components. This device connects the building and the platform and holds the platform in its position while working and reduces the swing to a large extent..

The accessory provides following advantages:

  • Prevents swinging of the platform.
  • Maintains proper working distance between the building & platform.
  • Brings accuracy in work, as it is stable now.
  • Reduces swinging also reduces undue stress on the wire rope, which increases life

Thus increase life of the wire rope. Most of our esteemed customers have already started using it.

Speciality contractors like external plastering contractors, Painting contractors, glassing contractor etc. have appreciated above accessory and are making it as one of the standard component of the system for regularly use for all external applications.


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