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BAU 2015: Events, services and information for architects

On 180,000 m2 of exhibition space, BAU will be presenting a display of architecture, materials and systems for commercial and residential construction and interior design, for both new-build and R&M projects. This next edition of the show, which takes place in Munich from January 19 to 24, 2015, will again be filling up all the available halls at the exhibition center. Here around 2,000 exhibitors from approximately 40 countries will be showcasing a comprehensive range of materials and technologies for planning and construction. In particular architects – many coming from all over the world – regard this event is an unmissable source of information and inspiration.

BAU brings together all the technologies, products and materials that are used in planning and building. This cross-functionality approach makes BAU an essential information source for everyone involved in planning and building: from investors, planners and architects through to skilled tradesmen and facility managers.

Messe München International, the organizer of BAU, expects over 230,000 visitors to attend the event, among them again around 60,000 from abroad.

The 17 exhibition halls at BAU are arranged by construction material, product and theme. In addition to this there are key themes, decided upon for each new BAU, in cooperation with the exhibiting industry. At the show, these themes are then covered in various ways by most of the exhibitors. And they are reflected in the forums and special shows at BAU. For BAU 2015, the key themes are: Energy- and Resource Efficiency; Intelligent Urbanization; and Buildings and Users.

BAU is regarded as the world´s leading trade fair for architects: It is the number-one information and communication platform for planners, architects and construction engineers from all over the world. No other event around the globe attracts so many representatives from this group, and in such quality. Over 60,000 visitors from architecture and planning firms came to BAU in 2013. Within eight years, the proportion of planners among the visitors to BAU has therefore more than doubled. Clearly planners and architects hold BAU in very high regard, and this is a unique feature of BAU. In 2015 BAU will again have lots on offer, specifically targeted at architects:

  • The forums program at BAU is targeted principally at architects and engineers. In the three forums at the event (in Halls C2, A4 and B0) there are different themes each day, oriented towards the key themes of the show. Just some of the topics covered are: new concepts for utilizing existing buildings, strategies to cope with climate change and involving building users in the design process. But the range extends across a very broad spectrum. Among the speakers there are some very well known names, such as the architect Kenneth A. Lewis, who, in the lecture block on “High rises”, will be presenting the new “One World Trade Center” in New York.
  • The special shows at BAU are also directed primarily at planners and engineers. BAU is working together in these shows with partners from research and development. In the special show entitled “ResearchWorkShop”, the partner is the Fraunhofer Building Innovation Alliance. Its 17 institutes will be presenting current developments for the building envelope and product and system solutions for the city of the future. ift Rosenheim, another partner, will be putting on a special show on eco design. Here the emphasis is on building materials and technologies that save resources and reduce pressure on the environment. The topics here include, for example, cradle-to-cradle and universal design, principles that can also change the shape of the building industry and help create a more sustainable future.
  • BAU is also the place where a range of architectural awards will be presented, among them the Bauwelt “First House” Award and the DETAIL Award. One absolute highlight here is the Archi-World Academy, a competition for young architects and architectural students from all around the world. The special attraction here is the chance to win a six-month internship in the practices of the twelve star architects who make up the jury – one of them is none other than Daniel Libeskind. Such a prize is no doubt much more valuable than a money award. Not surprisingly interest in the competition is strong. Over 1500 submissions have been received from all over the world. The award ceremony takes place on January 21 at BAU.
  • In cooperation with the DOCUgroup BAU is again offering guided tours on specific themes for architects, engineers and planners. The tours, which last around two-and-a-half hours, take place each day and they visit the most interesting highlights at the stands of the exhibitors. The tours start at the stand of the DOCUgroup at the East Entrance.

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