Bry-Air to Launch Adsorption Chillers

Bry-Air to Launch Adsorption Chillers

Power Partners – Bry-Air Asia license deal to expand market for environmental friendly cooling

Bry-Air (Asia), headquartered in India and Power Partners, Inc. of Athens, GA, USA have signed a license agreement for Bry-Air (Asia) to manufacture and sell Power Partners’ ECO-MAX brand Adsorption Chillers in India and other markets. This agreement means that Bry-Air (Asia) can further expand its broad product portfolio to include closed-loop adsorption products.

Under the agreement, Power Partners will share its extensive knowledge of adsorption chiller design, manufacturing, applications and marketing with Bry-Air (Asia) and assist with product commercialization.

Adsorption chillers use energy from waste heat, with very low electricity consumption, to provide chilled water for process cooling and air conditioning, and they do this with “green” refrigerant (water) and desiccant (silica gel). We are excited about the opportunities for revenue growth and innovation that this agreement provides,” said Deepak Pahwa, Managing Director, Bry-Air (Asia). 

Luke Faulstick, CEO and Co-Owner of PPI, added “this license agreement and the ongoing positive working relationship between Bry-Air (Asia) and Power Partners will result in profitable growth for our two companies.”

Power Partners, Inc. markets energy-efficient, environmentally friendly ECO-MAX adsorption chillers that are manufactured in Athens, GA, USA. Adsorption chiller technology is attractive to hospitals, universities, office complexes, data centers, tri-generation facilities, processing plants, manufacturing plants and government facilities. Power Partners is part of PPI, a groundbreaking manufacturing company whose brands include Power Partners, ECO-MAX, Gap Partners and Change Partners. Learn more at

Bry-Air Asia is a global leader in the business of desiccant dehumidification (rotating wheel) systems and is a flagship company of the Pahwa Group. Bry-Air Asia has two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in India, fully owned subsidiaries in China, Malaysia, Switzerland, and Brazil, and a worldwide sales network. Bry-Air Asia’s plants are among the most modern in the industry — supported by computerized 3D designing, CNC fabrication, powder coating facilities and automated conveying systems — and are ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified.

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