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Delhi will soon have the second-largest park in the world, construction will cost Rs. 450 crores

In India’s capital city of Delhi’s Badarpur, work is underway to build the second-biggest park.

India’s road network has expanded by 59% over the past nine years: Gadkari

The overall length of the nation’s national roadways has grown by nearly 59% over the.

Saya Group to build India’s tallest mall

The Delhi-NCR-based Saya Group has made plans to build Saya Status, termed “India’s tallest mall,”.

Employee of a construction firm loses Rs. 6.7L.

A 35-year-old employee of a well-known construction company claims that an internet fraudster who pretended.

Ola begins constructing a Gigafactory in Tamil Nadu, India

Construction on Ola’s Gigafactory in Tamil Nadu, India, has started. At its cell plant in.

In FY2024, highway construction declines once more and has a dismal start.

According to data from the Ministry of road transport and Roads, highway construction plunged 75%.

HC orders NGO to quit for Delhi-Dehradun E-way development

An NGO has been ordered by the Delhi High Court to leave a Basti Vikas.

India-US Collaboration in Critical and Emerging Technologies

India and the United States have emerged as significant participants in the field of vital.

India is one of the top three major collieries in APAC.

India is an important aspect of Colliers’ worldwide business growth plan because it is currently.

AMNS India invests $7.4 billion in the growth of capacity.

AMNS India plans to invest $7.4 billion in capacity development, value-added capability growth, and iron.