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What We Know — and What We Don’t | TheCityFix

Within cities, economically and socially marginalized groups will be most impacted by rising temperatures. Urban poor often.

Digitalization in Kumasi, Alexandria, Maputo Shows How to Integrate Africa’s Complex Paratransit Networks | TheCityFix

Microbuses and private cars sharing Alexandria’s tram pathway, Egypt. Photo: Wael Kenawy/Wikimedia Commons As cities.

From Minibuses to ‘Boda Bodas,’ Informal Transport Systems Could Be an Untapped Climate Change Solution | TheCityFix

Embracing informal transport could act as a powerful brake on the rapid rise of private.

Creating a “Digital Commons” to Harness Data for Africa’s Urban Transport Systems  | TheCityFix

A driver navigates traffic in Kumasi, Ghana. DT4A’s “Beyond Mapping” project focuses on integrating transit.

Building Capacity to Scale Zero-Emission Buses | TheCityFix

Peer-to-Peer Exchange participants experiencing Mumbai’s zero-emission buses firsthand. Photo: UrbanShift In the Wadala neighborhood of.

Why Low-Carbon Transportation is Critical for Cities  | TheCityFix

Pedestrian lanes added to Hatir Jheel Lake Bridge in Dhaka, Bangladesh, combat congestion and improve.

Unveiling the True Benefits of Open Streets | TheCityFix

In San Francisco, parks, squares and alleys transform into playgrounds on car-free days, fostering a.

E-Mobility Roadmaps Cut Emissions Faster and More Affordably. Here’s How to Build One. | TheCityFix

E-mobility roadmaps present comprehensive pathways for national and subnational governments to reduce transport emissions. Photo:.

A New Approach to Modeling Commutes and Access in Our Cities | TheCityFix

Cyclists commuting alongside cars on a road in Cairo, Egypt. Photo: Shutterstock Getting around any.

5 Shifts Needed to Transform Transportation Systems and Meet Climate Goals | TheCityFix

The VLT train in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is one of the city’s central modes.