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Central railway soon to start work on two platforms: Nashik

The central railway has planned the development of the Nashik road railway station just little ahead of kumbh mela next year .The development plan will entail the investment cost of Rs 10.36 crore.

 The construction work for the platform number 4 and 5 and the development of sinner side (Nashik East) of Nashik Railway station will be soon start by central railway. Rs 10.36 crore of funds of the government will be used for the work and the rest of the amount will be put in by the railways. 

The central railway is presently working on the construction activity of the foot over bridge for the pedestrians to cross over from platform number 1 to platform number 2 from the railways share of fund. 

The scope of the work includes the improvement of circulation areas, construction of waiting rooms among others were the project work is already been awarded to the winners . The central railways has so far received Rs 5 crore of funding from the government and the next installment is not yet received, however the construction work will be released before 31st July as confirmed by the railway officials .

The government support will be useful for the constructing the 585 metres of platform number 4and 5 of Nashik road railway station and will also be benefited in shifting of railway tracks and in the development of the booking office at sinner and developing the neglected Nashik east station .

The cost entailed for both work is approximately at the cost of Rs 5.75 crore and the rest of the grant as assured by the committee will be used in raising the permanent infrastructure. 

The high power committee on Kumbh mela headed by the chief secretary had assured to bear 50% of the cost to beef up the railway station’s infrastructure. It estimated expenses to the tune of Rs 25.75 crore as against the proposal of Rs 42 crore the railways had estimated. The Rs 42 crore proposal included land acquisition from the civic body for the terminal. But given the availability of funds, the land acquisition process has been put off and the railways have focused on providing permanent and temporary infrastructure to Nashikites and pilgrims during Kumbh mela.