Construction begins on Europe’s largest 3D-printed building -

Construction begins on Europe’s largest 3D-printed building

3D printing construction companies Mense-Korte and SSV Architekten have joined forces to embark on a new project – the construction of Europe’s largest printed building.

Serverhotel Heidelberg (Photo: AllPlan)

The two companies are partnering to design and oversee the creation of a server hotel for Heidelberg iT, an endeavour that is said to push the boundaries of 3D printing technology in industrial construction, using software provided by AllPlan.

The printing process commenced on March 31 and is set to conclude by the end of July, with the building’s shell being the focal point of this phase.

AllPlan highlighted that the actual printing duration amounts to a mere 170 hours, and the construction site only requires the presence of two workers. 

Further contributing to the project is PERI 3D Construction, employing the COBOD BOD2 printer to produce the vertical structural components. Additionally, Heidelberg Materials is also involved and responsible for providing the printing medium.

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