Dhaka managed to double country’s power generation capacity in 6 years

Dhaka managed to double country’s power generation capacity in 6 years

Bangladesh Power sector has doubled its generation capacity from 4,942MW in 2009 to 11,265MW currently. Today about 68% of the country’s population has an access to electricity.

Since last six years, some $5.2bn has gone into the power sector to set up 65 power plants and supportive infrastructure like transmission and distribution lines. This has resulted into reduced system loss and increased per capita power generation.

Bangladesh has emerged as one of the highest rate of installation of solar home systems in the world alongwith increase in the number of irrigation pumps and consumers of electricity

To counter severe power crisis in the country since independence; the government has entere into contractual agreements with short term solutions like ‘rental power’ from small independent power producers. As an sufficient and continual power supply is a driving factor for economic growth.

Additional generation of about 9,600MW electricity by 2018 is among the top priorities of the Bangladesh government under its short, medium and long-term plans.

Fast developing urbanization and industrialization has driven the demand for electricity in the country, hence the government has set ‘electricity to all citizens by 2021’ as its prime agenda.

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