E-Commerce Samsons Snapdeal and Flipkart now Client of Real Estate Giant Imperia Structures

E-Commerce Samsons Snapdeal and Flipkart now Client of Real Estate Giant Imperia Structures

Walking amidst the streets of industrial Delhi, looking at the skyscrapers, you feel no less than walking in a video game fantasy. The advancement that we have achieved and the exponential pace with which we are moving is almost like time travelling. While one such sojourn, Imperia was the name that struck me. Property is the most hot-selling today. As we say, the best investment on earth is earth, we say it right.

Investing in property is seldom an effortless decision for a common man. It comes with colossal risks as the amounts involved are enormous. It has a fate changing outcome. With such insurmountable risks, it becomes all the more important to work with a trustworthy name, someone we can rely on. Imperia has been working for the past three decades, a golden stretch of time to earn our utmost faith. For 30 years, it has been tirelessly working to actualize dreams for people. Spanning across residential and commercial spaces, they having been investing in peace for people. With a presence that pans the country and an ISO 9001:2008 certification, they have leased out over 2 million square feet of commercial spaces to beau monde of the corporate industry. Freshly, the company has collaborated with E-Commerce Samsons Snapdeal and Flipkart. Imperia has at all times been a collaborator with big-brands like Reliance, TATA, Samsung, Airtel, Siemens, Larsen & Turbo, Max Bupa, GE Money, to name a few. It has also spread beyond Delhi and NCR, covering North India. With such high end countrywide collaborators, Imperia can by no means fail to honor our trust. Imperia has effectively delivered over 20 projects in prime locations of Delhi/NCR and at present has 5 million square feet under development.

Imperia is not just nationally acknowledged but also globally acclaimed. Spreading across Dubai, Kuwait and the UK, Imperia has attracted industrial megatons. From brokers to investors, Imperia has attracted all to partake in its one of a kind functionality. Imperia’s intercontinental standing bestows on us a trust in the company so that we do not have to think twice.

Another and the most major reason for my inclination towards Imperia is its reverence for our depreciating ecology. Sustainability of resources is their leading concern. Their dynamically crafted architectures are built with environmentally approved methodologies. They ecologically tailor make all their constructions, ranging from residential abodes to ethnic malls, from commercial fabrications to leisurely lawns. Their futuristic approach is the need of the hour. A company’s policies speaks volumes about its philosophy. Imperia’s collaboration with E-commerce giants Snapdeal and Flipkart is also a step towards a pollution-free digital India. It convinces me and must assure each one of you that a family of people who worship nature deserve the faith of people who dwell in that nature.

Their social concern extends to its construction laborers too. They have been enrolled with SHE (Safety, Health and Environment) program. They also have joined hands with NGOs and initiated for ‘Share a Smile’ campaign. They have an unmatched concern translated into worker friendly policies. They set a glorious example for work generators of the world by giving the employee a security, the clients a unique functionality and to us an unbreakable trust.

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