Innovative building materials and prefabricated Construction technologies -

Innovative building materials and prefabricated Construction technologies

Changing the way India builds!!! AAC blocks are being widely used in Europe, China, Japan and middle – East, And can now be found in the Indian construction space.

Magicrete Building Solutions is engaged in the Business of innovative building materials and prefabricated Construction technologies and is one of the largest manufacture of Autoclave Aerated concrete Blocks.

The core product of Magicrete is AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) Blocks. AAC Block is a replacement of traditional red clay brick. AAC blocks are 9 times larger than the traditional clay brick but weighs only one-third that of the clay brick. That translates into saving of structural steel & concrete consumption and operational costs by upto15%. Due to lesser water absorption and better strength and sound insulation in AAC compared to red bricks, outer wall thickness gets reduced in AAC which leads to increase in the floor space area of upto 2%. Better thermal insulation of AAC compared to red bricks helps in HVAC cost reduction by upto 30%. Moreover, being larger than traditional bricks, culminates into lesser mortar usage and also result in 3 times faster walling. As the blocks are wire cut they have excellent dimensional accuracy there by resulting in a plaster saving of up to 30%.

AAC Block comprise of 70% Fly-ash which is a national waste and has cement and lime as binders. AAC is made by autoclaving process at 110 C compared to red bricks which are sintered at 900 C, there by resulting in energy savings of 70% in manufacturing. As a result AAC is environmentally friendly and is the greenest of walling material. Other innovative products being manufactured by Magicrete are as follows

MagicBond, (Block Joining Adhesive) a ready-mix mortar made up of cement, graded sand blended with polymers to impart high strength and water retention properties even in thickness of 3-4mm layer. Moreover no water is required in usage of Magicbond. Due to no shrinkage in setting, risks of cracks are minimized.

MagicBond 121 (Tile laying adhesive): is a polymer modified grey cement based adhesive for fixing all types of tiles on internal/external floor and ceramic tiles on wall. It has high coverage of 55-60 sq. ft. with a thickness of 3mm. It provides excellent water proofing properties and resists cracking of tiles.

MagicPlast (High Performance Gypsum Plaster) is a ready to use interior wall and ceiling gypsum-based plaster which is lightweight and suitable for internal walls made-up of AAC blocks, bricks or even stones. It helps retain water thereby increasing the strength of the masonry, lesser cracks and avoiding water curing process. Its special polymers impart high adhesive strength,give a superior surface finish, with a higher coverage and ease of workability when compared with other gypsum- based plasters.

MagicPlast Ready mix Plaster: It will a polymer modified premixed cement based external/internal plaster. It is convenient, easy to use, stronger and binds better to its substrate. It provides an even surface on which tilling can be done faster and efficiently.