'Kyunghyang Housing Fair 2015' Korea's Largest Housing Interior Exhibition

‘Kyunghyang Housing Fair 2015’ Korea’s Largest Housing Interior Exhibition


‘Kyunghyang Housing Fair 2015’ one of the largest and renowned construction exhibitions in Korea will be hosted at KINTEX from Thursday, February 26th, 2015 through Monday, March 2nd, 2015.
‘Kyunghyang Housing Fair’ the first construction exhibition in Korea holds the biggest scale of exhibition regarding architecture, construction, interior and remolding.

A great number of oversea buyers will be attending the fair this year. These include countries such as Japan, China, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, the Philippines, and much more. Also, domestic and foreign leading companies for construction supplies and seven hundreds of businesses for housing construction/interior (2,500 booths) will be participating the fair. Construction supplies such as suburban housing, structural materials, roofing materials, stone, flooring materials, interior materials, exterior materials, timber supplies, furniture, construction tools, coating materials, waterproof materials, landscape facilities, lighting materials, electrical installation materials will also be displayed during the exhibition.

In particular, ‘Living and life Style’ will be offering premium interior space and high-class lifestyle. The showcase will be guiding you with sensible styling for space through elegant home-styling collection and brand products carefully selected from domestic and foreign ones. ‘Special Exhibition for Suburban Housing Model house’ will display customized dream houses. Also, ‘special exhibition for Sign & Digital Design’ will be opened by printing and signboard companies.

This year an array of seminars will be arranged by government institutions and relevant associations to provide the latest information of this year’s housing markets and construction material industries. A seminar called ‘2015 Housing Market Issues spoken by members of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport’ will present solutions to improve measures for comprehensive countermeasures of strengthening construction safety as well as normalization of mediation and compensation system of real estates. The ’Leap to Valuable and Pleasant life, Green Remodeling’ seminar will go over governmental policies, example and effects, related to Green Remodeling. Another seminar called ‘2015 Fireproof Building Materials’ will give out solutions to quality management regarding fireproof structures and ways to secure fire safety measures on buildings.

‘Kyunghyang Housing Fair’ is confirmed by the government as the ‘Internationally certified exhibition’ and it is being visited by buyers from major countries. Also, we are cooperating with construction exhibition promoters in countries such as Japan, Turkey, Indonesia and recruiting additional agents in other regions.