Nigeria to set up new 1 GW Solar Power Capacity

Nigeria to set up new 1 GW Solar Power Capacity

Nigerian government recently has finalised new MoUs with three companies to develop about 1 GW solar power capacity across the the latest round of negotiations.

Solius NGPC, Peoples Home Association, and Solar Force Nigeria Limited are the three developers who have signed agreements with the Nigerian government.

Peoples Home Association will set up 500 MW of capacity across the country and solar research centers across universities in Nigeria to help generate about 10,000 jobs in the solar power sector.

The Solar Force Nigeria Limited will set up 200 small-scale projects of 1 MW each across as many villages.

Solius NGC is about to set up 300 MW capacity, the size and type of these projects is undisclosed. The company will also set up a training centre for power sector professionals.

The Nigerian government, will extend full support to the developers by providing them with land and a transmission network, and also will help the companies meet regulatory requirements for setting up the projects.

With these fresh MoUs, the total solar power capacity of over 5 GW has been agreed by various companies in Nigeria this year.

SkyPower FAS Energy signed a series of agreements to set up 3 GW of solar power capacity with an investment worth about $5 billion.

Recently In the month of November, two US-based companies have signed to set up a 1.2 GW of solar power by 2017 with a cumulative investment worth of $2 billion.