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NTL Lemnis displayed a new range of spot lights, Downlights & Trunking systems at ACETECH 2014

Modular Spot lights, Orion Spotlight, Sirius Downlight, Tulip Downlight and Trunking system were amongst the new products displayed

NTL Lemnis, the LED Lighting company, showcased a new range of Modular Spot Lights, Orion Spotlight, Sirius Downlight, Tulip Down Light and Trunking System at The ACETECH 2014 that was held from 6th to 9th November 2014 at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai The ACETECH is one of the most important exhibitions for Architecture, Construction, Building Materials, Engineering, Innovation, Interiors and Design sector.

In a stall spread across 100 square metres, NTL Lemnis showcased its latest product range that included some of the most innovative designs in the category.

Some of the new products that were showcased included:

  • Sirius Downlight: This is a solution of high luminosity and suitable for high ceiling application. Some other features include, High Efficacy, High Voltage Range (150-270V), High CRI(Colour Rendering Index is a measure of how natural the light is in comparison to the broad spectrum light source and Sirius range has CRI of more than 80), Narrow beam Angle(of around 85° gives more concentrated light).
  • Orion Spotlight: These are a perfect replacement to traditional halogen spot lights. They can be adjusted up to 30° to create the desired lighting effect. Orion creates perfect accent and ambient lighting effect in the retail and hospitality applications. They can also be used in residential, Lobby / Reception area.
  • Modular Spot light:  This is a true retrofit replacement with high efficiency faceted aluminum reflector. Its heat sink is made up of die cast aluminum, which provides passive cooling. This fixture is with Chip On Board system and has deep recessed reflector to reduce glare. The reflectors also have options of serrations or black rims to further reduce the glare. A great number of options available to choose from according to space geometry, the product is ideal for retail, hospitality & mood lighting applications.
  • Tulip range of Down Lights: These are a decorative down light fixture where the heat sink is of tulip shape. The tulip shaped fins ensure effective heat dissipation and with low depth and a sleek design, the downlight can be easily fitted at places where there is less space between ceiling and falseceiling. Besides this, it offers high CRI >80.
  • Trunking system:.This revolutionary product from NTL Lemnis is designed for office & meeting room applications. The product is a fusion of Linear light and round downlight interspersed in between and also at both the ends. What’s more, the system can be customised to any lengths, providing freedom to do lighting designs as per the requirements.

NTL Lemnis also showcased various other products from its Pharox range like LED Ceiling Lights, LED Down lights, LED Spot lights, LED Tube Lights, Flexible LED Strip Lights, Pharox Retrofit lamps, LED Street Lights, Bay Lights and Flood Lights.

The NTL Lemnis product range product is specially targeted towards Indian and global (Africa, Europe) audience. The Company’s primary focus is on industries that are typical energy guzzlers sector, like -Retail, IT & ITeS, Hospitality & Healthcare and the product range that comprises of more than 100 varieties of LED products provide effective comprehensive solutions.