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In previous issue, First “P” i.e. PEOPLE.., was focused on..!

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Second “P” revolves around the factors which, significantly, contributes for its


Publicity, Reliability, Opportunity, Distinctivity, Universability, Cost Compatibility and Time Sustainability undoubtedly, are the product’s integral and inherent characteristics..!

Publicity for “Design & Build” was made by “SP” thru magazines like Jet wings! Website – and quarterly bulletin.. “We@SP” proved to have been instrumental for it’s publicity. Seminars, workshops, SPARK are also, on agenda. This, eventually, have motivated even, prestigious government clients to adopt “Design & Build” projects as, the product..!

Reliability of “Design & Build Project Delivery System” was acknowledged by many IT / Industry Clients, Government Agencies thru repeat orders/NIT’s. Reliability towards commitment was experienced by the clients as single point accountability.

Opportunity was discovered thru “Design & Build” to lay hands on the distinct business..! As, the approach was innovative, competitors found themselves hardly any edge over “SP”..! SP ultimately, is being known as PIONEER in Design & Build, particularly for Industrial / Auto Sector projects..!

Indeed, it created an opportunity of “OUT SOURCING” the Design Associates and further, leveraging the operations of conventional project delivery systems; too!

Distinctivity of “Design & Build” lies in it’s “Design”.. Wherein, value engineering, project management, statutory approvals play pivotal roles..! Anticipation of probable deviations at pretender stage always, offered flexibility for winning the projects, which, in fact have crystallized the distinctivity of “Design & Build”.

Universability in “Design & Build Process”, eventually led to the up-gradation from “ISO-9001-2000” to “ISO-9001-2008”. “LEED/GREEN BUILDING PROJECT”, on Design & Build Project Delivery Mode not only, symbolizes it’s Uniqueness.. but it’s UNIVERSABILITY.., also!

Cost compatibility quite often edged out the competitors and offered comfort to the clients..! Some client/s preferred to spell out the budgets within which; the projects were made compatible to client’s budget constraints by virtue of “DISTINCTIVITY” lying at it’s peak..!

Time Sustainability, invariably enthused the client/s to place the repeat orders for Design & Build projects. Design alternatives, Best practices, standardization, time saving techniques and logistics planning always, had driven most of the projects towards the time sustainability with respect to the commitments on various interfaces during the project/s execution.

Thus, Publicity, Reliability, Opportunity, Distinctivity, Universability, Cost Compatibility and Time Sustainability, are the inherent constituents of the “PRODUCT”… known as “DESIGN & BUILD”..!

Let’s look ahead how 3rd P… “PROFIT” governs 2P’’s PEOPLE & PRODUCT.., in the next issue..!