Plastering – Love at first “site”

Plastering – Love at first “site”

Exterior Finishing & good façade leads to love at first site. This is the key to the project & provides a solid first impression. The facade quality also talks about the brand & gives a substantial benefit to the developer.

Secondary to the architecture of the building, the material used in the external coat has equal importance. In this article, we wish to highlight the products offered by Walplast to ensure love happens at the first “site”.

A good exterior finish has 3 main requirements

  1. Good Foundation of Consistent & Good Quality Plastering
  2. Weather Protection Capacity
  3. Long Lasting& Low Maintenance

With the latest technology, Walplast is able to provide products matching all the above requirements.

Plastering – A foundation to good exterior finish

Exterior Plastering acts as a foundation to the finishing&provides weather protection. Sand plays a major role in plastering. There are two types of sand available for the construction industry, natural sand & manufactured sand. Both have their pros & cons. Natural sand is found in riverbeds& is excellent for construction. However due to environmental reasons, it’s mining or dredging will soon have to be stopped. Manufactured sand is made from rock & has rough edges which make it difficult to deal with. There are certain chemical additivesas well as equipment which take care of these edges & shape it up to a nice friendly & workable form.

Plastering Problems

  1. Sand problems – Incorrect gradation, impurities, salt contain, excess water
  2. Storage problems – Space constrain, pilferages etc.
  3. Mixing problems – Errors at site (incorrect mixture of sand & cement)
  4. Applying problems – Wastage & availability of skilled labour

Walplast introduces products which will considerably reduce these problems & assure high quality as well as peace of mind.

Ready Mix Plaster – Complete mix, just add water & apply

Ready Mix Plaster is a factory made premix product, packed in 40 kgs bags & you only need to add water at site. High technology weighing equipment ensures perfect mixing. Sand is burnt in a large drum burner to remove moisture & other debris. Then it is then screened to reduce slit & separate different sizes to ensure that the final product is of zone II as per IS.

Masterplast – Plaster Additive with polymers, plasticizers & fibers

MASTERPLAST is a dry powdered admixture of fibers and high quality polymers. It intended for use to create a smooth, easily-spread plaster that reduces water loss and subsequent cracking. It is a chemically active agent that improves the water retention of cement-based plasters.It also reduces water loss to the concrete shell. This allows for better cement hydration and a more even finish.

Master Plast is an all-in-one plaster additive which will ensure excellent workability, reduction of wastage, more adhesion, cohesive mix & minimal cracks. It is easy to use & very economical. One pouch is mixed with one bag of cement & this makes the mixing ratio practically free of errors.

Appearance & Weather Protection

Paints, waterproofing chemicals, weather guards & many more products dominate this market & the user has today a wide choice. Paints may not always be able to achieve water proofing but provide great finish. Water Proofing Chemicals will definitely do a good job in minimizing the leakage, however they lack aesthetical appearance.

For a single solution, Walplast offers Scratch-X, a cement based texture powder which is mixed with water, at site, to produce a good workable mix & provides the rustic look in 3 to 4 mm layer.It decorates the wall as well as protectsthe exterior surface. It is economical then other acrylic based products&has distinctive appeal. The special formulation keeps it safe against the ill-effects of weather. It contains finest quality minerals, White cement, quartz and polymers.This product is long lasting & ensures low maintenance. It protects the walls from weather, UV rays & is anti-algae & anti-fungal.

Therefore use of right products &good architecture can lead to great external appearance.This will ensure that the buyer will take a decision even before walking in & elevate your brand from regular to premium status. Try these excellent products from Walplast & observe love happening at your site.

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