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Providing Solutions – Speed, Waste Reduction and Aesthetical Enrichment – Walpast

Providing Solutions – Speed, Waste Reduction and Aesthetical Enrichment – Walpast

Mandar Chitre

 Mr.Mandar Chitre – Vice President – Walplast Products Pvt. Ltd.

Building Industry is susceptible to many pressures like land acquisition, delay in mandatory permissions, loan rates, vat, service tax, etc. In addition to these issues, competition is increasing as customers now have a large choice of properties to choose within their budget & have instant information due to many internet property portals. Each location also has houses that are completed & un-sold, proving that the supply is slightly more than the demand.

In the above scenario Walplast Products Pvt. Ltd is happy to offer quality products which will increase the speed of construction, reduce wastage & enhance the Aesthetical look of the finished product, at affordable price and without compromising the stringent parameters.

It is not just about generating savings in building material, but also improving the process speed, reducing wastages & enhancing the appearance of the finished property.


Walplast offers products like Machine Plaster (plaster additive), Tile Adhesives, Gyp+ (Gypsum Plaster), which are changing the definitions of process time & generating large savings in labour. We challenge the traditional process time of plastering by offering a machine for spreading plaster in less than half the time. We also offer ready mix to be fed into the machine, perfectly suiting the flow & consistency. This mix comes in two versions, traditional grey plaster & super white gypsum plaster. Both are offered by Walplast along with a well established low maintenance machine. The tile adhesive range offered by Walplast is also improving speed & reasonably reducing preparation time.

Wastage Reduction

Sand purchased locally has large amount of wastage in the form of slit, debris, oversized materials & salt. Separation of these & disposal becomes a major task. Walplast offers completely cleaned, sized & graded readymix plaster which makes wastage at site completely obsolete. RMP (Ready Mix Plaster) is available in 40 kg pre-packed bags which are easy to use & store.

Aesthetical Enrichment

Walplast offers one of the top qualities of Wall Putty & colored Putty. Whiteness & surface finish of Putty can substantially enhance the effect of paints. Our whiteness is one of the best amongst all competitors & we can deliver superior finish through applicators by providing them training at multi locations. Scratch-X texture gives excellent finish & protects the surface. Limeplast does not need any additives & is widely used in many markets.

Walplast : Provides Solutions

Walplast Products Pvt. Ltd, is an ISO 9001 : 2008 certified Indian multinational company and one of the leading manufacturers of dry mix products. We have manufacturing facilities at six strategic locations in India along with well equipped R&D laboratories of International standards. Our products comply to parameters specified by Singapore housing board and also follow European and American standards & are exported to countries like UAE, Africa, Singapore, Europe, Nepal, etc..

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