RInfra Signs MoU with US Based Innovari Inc. to Expand Automatic Demand Side Management (ADSM)

RInfra Signs MoU with US Based Innovari Inc. to Expand Automatic Demand Side Management (ADSM)

– Commercial & Industrial Power Consumers to be Benefitted in First Stage; Rest to be Followed Later

– Consumers Empowered to Bring In Energy Efficiency

– RInfra is the First Indian Utility to Successfully Complete the Pilot Project Under the Aegis of Ustda

– The ADSM will Reduce Power Purchase for RInfra

– Control on Power Consumption through ADSM will Ensure Reduction in Carbon Footprints for Consumers

– RInfra to Seek Approval of MERC to Extend ADSM Programme to more Consumers 

In line with its commitment to bring in advanced technology for benefits of Mumbaikars, Reliance Energy (Distribution arm of Reliance Infrastructure Ltd) and Innovari, a US based firm, signed an MoU on expanding the Automated Demand Side Management (ADSM) during President Obama’s visit to India.

Mr A Sethuraman, Group President, Corporate Affairs, Reliance Group; Mr. R. R. Mehta, CEO, Reliance Energy, and Mr. Chris Hichman, Innovari CEO, signed the MoU.

While commenting on the development, Mr A Sethuraman said, “This further extends the existing strong business relationship between Reliance Group and companies from United States such as Caterpillar, Bucyrus, Atlas Copco, Forst Solar etc in areas of Solar Power, Power generation equipments, LNG imports, Coal Mining and Entertainment”.

In 2014, RInfra partnered with Innovari to implement a pilot project in Mumbai to validate the customer and grid benefits of the ADSM. The pilot concluded successfully proving the ability to auto-manage demand without impacting the customer’s environment and also providing savings. The participants of pilot programme are Raghuleela Mall, ITC, Blue Dart, and Marriot.

On the occasion of MoU signing, USTDA Director Leocadia I. Zak complimented both Reliance Energy and Innovari for implementing the pilot in record time.

ADSM is a win-win situation for both utilities; customers as well as the environment; as it helps the utilities to improve the system utilization by reducing its peak demand and it allows the customers to curb their power consumption during peak hours; thereby leading to reduction in their monthly electricity bills and restricting carbon emission going in the air; thus, reducing carbon footprints.

“We are pleased to continue our efforts with Innovari in order to better serve our customers in Mumbai,” said R. R. Mehta, Reliance Energy CEO. He further added, “With Innovari’s platform, we are able to work directly with our commercial and industrial customers to become partners in creating a truly optimized power grid while realizing significant savings and improved electrical performance.”

“Innovari is excited to provide RInfra with an innovative platform that can immediately address many of the challenges they face in meeting its short-term capacity requirements and a long-term sustainable energy future,” said Preetha Nair, Innovari President of India and Asia.

Reliance Energy would approach MERC for furthering ADSM program. It will be extended to other high-end consumers in phased manner after MERC approval.