SCHWING Stetter India Forays into Material Handling Industry with the Launch of SCHWING-XCMG Tower Crane -

SCHWING Stetter India Forays into Material Handling Industry with the Launch of SCHWING-XCMG Tower Crane

(Mr. V.G. Sakthikumar, Managing Director- SCHWING Stetter Sales & Service & Mr. Anand Sundaresan, Vice-Chairman & Managing Director, SCHWING Stetter India at the SCHWIN-XCMG Tower Crane Launch)

SCHWING-XCMG reach out to greater heights with the 5 & 6 ton Tower Crane 

SCHWING Stetter India with its expertise in concrete construction equipment in India, has brought expertise from group company XCMG, one of the Top 5 World Renowned Construction Equipment manufacturing companies to launch an exclusive range of SCHWING-XCMG Tower Cranes in India, yesterday. This marks the entry of SCHWING Stetter into material handling industry.

SCHWING Stetter has always laid emphasis on understanding customer needs. SCHWING concrete pumps and SCHWING-XCMG Tower crane will work in synergy to suit their requirements. The increasing demand for mechanization of construction activities is pushing the requirement of tower cranes in India that are able to lift heavier loads and be more productive yet be affordable to own and operate.

Market Trends:

According to Indian Brand Equity Foundation 2014 

  • The Indian construction equipment industry’s revenues are estimated to reach US$ 22.7 billion by 2020.
  • India’s Planning Commission has projected an investment of US$ 1 

The SCHWING-XCMG Tower Crane can withstand extreme conditions in construction sites. These highly adaptable fast-erecting Tower Cranes are designed with several features to handle high-rise projects. The Tower Cranes made by SCHWING-XCMG comes in various capacities and types ranging between 5 tons and 6 tons.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Anand Sundaresan, Vice-Chairman & Managing Director, SCHWING Stetter India said, “The launch of SCHWING-XCMG Tower Crane marks a very important milestone in the journey of SCHWING Stetter. This is extremely special for us because we are slowly foraying into the material handling market with the Tower cranes. Moreover, it is our profound objective to be able to constantly upgrade and update our equipment to suit the current needs of the construction industry which will in turn help the customers to grow their business.”

Mr. V.G. Sakthikumar, Managing Director, SCHWING Stetter Sales & Services Pvt. Ltd said, “Keeping in mind the growing infrastructure requirements in India, our focus has shifted into improvising our technologies that will help to save time, money and improve performance. We believe that SCHWING-XCMG Tower crane will enable all of this for the construction equipment industry. The launch of SCHWING-XCMG Tower Crane will be a defining moment in the journey of SCHWING Stetter.”

SCHWING-XCMG Tower Crane highlights:

  • Front and Rear Trolley Mechanism
  • Fish Plate :Fish plate welded on the mast for pin connection which will help to interchange the mast with other angle masts.
  • Fixed Mast:Fixed mast with the dimension of 1.2×1.2x3m is made for easy transportability and assembly.
  • Pin Connection:Pin connection is introduced for faster and convenient installation of counter jib and jib.
  • Introduction Trolley:Introduction Trolley is provided for adding the mast which is safe and efficient.
  • Front releasing rope mechanism:Front releasing rope hoisting mechanism with bolt connection helps to reduce the phenomenon of rope chaos.
  • Slewing Mechanism:Slewing mechanism is provided with high rotation speed upto 0.8 rpm for higher efficiency.
  • Counter Jib Drag Rod:For balancing the counter jib in the tower crane, a self balanced counter jib drag rod is placed which balances force evenly.
  • Hook:Hook made for changing from 4fall to 2 fall. Nylon pulley on hook is provided for safety.

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