Somany Ceramics Receives International Recognition for Development of “Veil Craft (VC) Shield” Floor Tiles -

Somany Ceramics Receives International Recognition for Development of “Veil Craft (VC) Shield” Floor Tiles

The tiles have a high abrasion resistance.

They address the need for flooring in high traffic areas like shopping malls, airports, hospitals and offices.

Somany Ceramics Ltd., today, was presented with The American Ceramic Society’s (AcerS) Corporate Technical Achievement Award 2014 for the development of Veil Craft (VC) Shield Floor Tiles. The award has shown the significant merit that Somany has offered to the society through commercialization of their technology.


The award was received by Shri Shreekant Somany, Chairman & Managing Director, Somany Ceramics Ltd and Deputy Chairman, Northern Region, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Somany said, “I am humbled and honored to receive the prestigious ACerS 2014 Corporate Technical Achievement award for our development of Veil Craft (VC) Shield Floor Tiles. Setting standards and creating trends has always been a driving force for Somany Ceramics. In the year 2009, we became the first ceramic tile company in India to get a patent for glaze and process of the VC Shield technology. VC tiles have earned a very high reputation in the Indian market and have become a benchmark for other ceramic floor tile manufacturers to follow.


He further added, “Currently, we sell close to 5 million sq. meters of VC Shield tiles in India per year. I would like to thank our R&D team who relentlessly worked with me to successfully complete the development of VC Shield Floor Tiles.


Somany Ceramics had commenced the research for these tiles to address the need for floor tiles that remain physically and visually unchanged, even in areas with heavy footfall. The research resulted in a process in which a chemical composition, christened “Veil Craft shield,” could be coated on the tile above its print. This would not only significantly improve its abrasion resistance but also increase the glaze on the tile surface.


The abrasion resistance of tiles is determined by rotation of an abrasive load on the surface and assessment of the wear by means of visual comparison of abraded test specimens and non-abraded tiles. The number of revolutions sustained without any change in visual appearance is the measure of abrasion resistance. Testing is done according to the grading system of Porcelain Enamel Institute, PEI, USA which categorizes glazed ceramic tiles according to their abrasion resistance in six classes:


· Class 0 (revolutions 100)

· Class 1 (revolutions 150)

· Class 2 (revolutions 600)

· Class 3 (revolutions 750-1500)

· Class 4 (revolutions 2100-12000)

· Class 5 (>12000)


Floor tiles coated with Veil Craft shield are found to withstand 50,000 revolutions, much higher than that specified by PEI, and still retain their stain resistance. In 2009, Somany Ceramics became the first ceramic tile company in India to receive a patent (Indian Patent No.227692) for its Veil Craft technology.


Somany’s Veil Craft shield tiles have since set a benchmark in not only functionality but also in aesthetic appeal. Innovations from Somany include ‘Slip Shield’ tiles which have high co-efficient of friction even in wet conditions to avoid slippage. A patent application has been filed for this product. Somany has also introduced ‘Glosstra’ tiles with enhanced gloss on the tile surface to lend a style to the ambience.


Somany was recently invited to present a research paper in Qualicer, Spain which is a leading forum for exchange of research results on ceramic tiles.


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