TE Connectivity Launches Helicase Solar Junction Box, Locally Developed and Manufactured in India

TE Connectivity Launches Helicase Solar Junction Box, Locally Developed and Manufactured in India

TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectivity, today announced the launch of its Helicase TM solar junction box. The junction box has been tested and certified by TUV Rheinland for the highest degree of safety as per EN 50548:2011+A1 and appropriate IEC Standards. TE’s industrial engineering team in India used significant research and customer feedback to innovate the Helicase, which was specifically developed for India to tap opportunities such as solar rooftop systems, water pumping, street lighting, traffic/railway signaling, etc. The product is efficient, long lasting, compact and safe.

Junction boxHelicase is a compact miniaturized solution which is attractively priced and addresses a wide variety of customer challenges.  For example, faulty design of solar junction boxes can put solar panels at fire risk, and cheaper and substandard materials could be easily affected by ultraviolet (UV) rays leading to light absorbance reduction that significantly lowers the energy yield thus delivering lower return on investment. The box size in Helicase is minimized using UV-resistant material to maximize thermal performance and reduce the adhesive usage up to 50 percent at assembly stage. The result is a quality product that is cost-efficient to produce and effective and reliable in the field.

“With urban India’s increasing electricity requirements, the exhaustion of non-renewable resources and the adverse effect of non-renewable sources of energy on the environment, there is an increased emphasis on renewable energy. This has led to a worldwide oversupply of solar panels which has brought down the price and made the technology more affordable. TE’s Helicase is a quality product designed specifically for Indian market conditions,” said Puneet Mehrotra, director, Industrial Solutions at TE in India.

Helicase provides the following benefits for customers:

  • TUV certified, global standard quality
  • Reliability and extended life
  • Thermal and electrical efficiency leading to increased ROI

TE is a global leader with more than 20 years of experience in the solar market with strong manufacturing presence in India. This gives the company a competitive advantage to make quality products for customers at low cost.

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