The Future of Building: environmental, resource-efficient, universal design -

The Future of Building: environmental, resource-efficient, universal design

Special Shows at BAU 2015

Accompanying the presentations by the exhibitors at their booths, the key themes at BAU (Intelligent Urbanization – Energy- and Resource-Efficiency, Buildings and Users) will be covered and illustrated in forums and special shows – from a number of different perspectives and aspects. In organizing this BAU is working closely with highly regarded partners. 


The 17 research institutions in the Fraunhofer Building Innovation Alliance are putting on a special show in Hall C2. Entitled “ResearchWorkShop”, this showcases innovations and developments in the following areas: 

Energy- and resource-efficiency, with “Building envelope 2.0”

Extensive insulation using thermally active insulation materials not only helps building users reduce energy costs in a sustainable way. Intelligent materials fitted to facades also help in energy recovery and/or reduction of consumption.

Technologies for cities of the future, with “Intelligent Urbanization”

Intelligent urbanization is about sustainable urban development that meets the challenges of demographic change, clean energy, “Industry 4.0”, new mobility etc. etc. And it does this using intelligent products and systems..

Prefabrication and building quality, with the “3D printed house”

The vision of a 3D printed house has moved significantly closer thanks to the

capability of printing building components on site, on demand, and in a quality

that can even exceed that of prefabricated components. This push-button

technology promises simplified building and lower costs. 

Specialist building information, further education and in-service training, with “Knowledge-transfer”

At the “Knowledge-transfer” theme island, the Fraunhofer Building Innovation

Alliance is gathering together theme-related research possibilities and giving fast access to many publications (some of which are free of charge) on the themes of energy, planning and building 

Eco Design—for Man + Environment 

In cooperation with ift Rosenheim BAU is organizing the special show entitled “Eco Design – for Man + Environment”. Showcased here are materials, construction styles and technologies for building envelopes and components of the future, all aimed at reducing the pressure on the environment and on resources, and ensuring a better, more humane and safer world for us all. This also involves the principles of bionic, universal and cradle-to-cradle design.

The themes covered include new materials and products for windows and window profiles, intelligent control systems, the use of renewable energy, energy efficiency, the development of closed material cycles, innovative scenarios for using resources and improving comfort and security. 

Building for life – Demography goes green 

In this special show in Hall A4 the focus is on what universal design actually looks like in practice, and what it needs in terms of planning, products and materials. BAU is putting on this special show for the third time in cooperation with GGT Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gerontotechnik®. The motto this time is: “Demography goes green”. As the name suggests, it will present comfortable design, suited for young and old, in combination with energy-efficient and future-oriented solutions. A model home set up in Hall A4 will be fitted with corresponding products from industrial partners. The modular overall concept was developed by GGT experts and it is a model example of how to combine living and working under one roof.

Textile architecture can do more! 

Textile architecture can do more! That is the motto of the special show on textile architecture in the Atrium at BAU. Innovative textile and foil products will be presented there under an open sky, to demonstrate the durability and adaptability of textile materials. So far, such materials have tended to be used in more unusual architectural projects, one prominent example being the Allianz Arena in Munich. But now textile and foil products are becoming increasingly popular in day-to-day architectural practice. BAU is putting on this special show in cooperation with the architectural practice “leichtbaukunst”.