The world’s largest mobile screening station stationed in Inner Mongolia Surface Mining field -

The world’s largest mobile screening station stationed in Inner Mongolia Surface Mining field

Two large lifting machine entered the streets of Henan Liming Heavy Industrial Co., Lt.d. in their assistance, the world’s largest tracked mobile screening station officially set sail, rushed to the Inner Mongolia Surface Mining field. And it was accompanied by R & D engineers and after-sales service support team composed of engineers, together they will be stationed in the mining area. They will provide customers with installation, commissioning, operation, training, including professional support services, while addressing any issues tracked mobile standing work may appear to provide strong support for field construction.

The world’s largest tracked mobile screening station is designed by customer’s private demand with ​​screening device 2.56 m wide, 6 meters long, more powerful processing capability. With the advantage of the mobile station tracked the long-term research and development experience, Liming heavy show the custome with the custome designed products with bright spots: vibrating sieve shaker parallel, high efficiency; belt machine is fully hydraulic control, folding contraction multiple states flexibility lightweight; in addition, because the custom product will be used for opencast coal mine in Inner Mongolia screening operations, the machine will be facing the challenges of heavy dust, high temperature, high-strength mobile and other harsh operating environment. Therefore the core of the system and made ​​a number of innovative features.

Vibrating machinery use vibration motor as a reliable and efficient excitation force to generate different vibration trajectory, thus effectively complete a variety of operations. With the rapid growth of the global economy, the vibrating machinery also has rapid development. And vibrating machinery has been widely applied in many industries including food processing, building materials, automotive, pharmaceutical raw materials, coal mining, paper, powder metallurgy, metal smelting chemical, pharmaceutical, flour processing, ceramics, steel etc. It has become an very important and irreplaceable equipment in industrial manufacture.

VE-2015 Shanghai International Vibrating Machinery Equipment and Technology Expo is jointly organized by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), Xinxiang Vibrating Machinery and Equipment Industry Association, Shanghai Academy of Engineering Vibration, and great supported by related vibration application industry associations. VE is the only global event focusing in vibrating machinery industry. On exhibition site there will be domestic and overseas enterprises showcase their latest products, technologies, equipment and corporate strength, highlighting the mechanical solutions in various vibrating machinery application fields, and promote the development of the industry. Concurrent Forum and vibrating machinery industrial application technical seminar will also be held, the relevant national departments leaders, industry experts, corporate executives will be invited to share their view to improve product quality, improve environmental and safety awareness, coordinate development of the industry scale, specify export markets and prices etc.

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