This Diwali we celebrate Indian innovation at it's best with inpod XS 2.0 -

This Diwali we celebrate Indian innovation at it’s best with inpod XS 2.0

At a time when India is making its presence felt on the world map, we at inpod have also been evolving. As a design and innovation company, inpod, is constantly trying to better the standard in construction. The inpod XS-2.0 is our version of a futuristic smart home. It is built indigenously, but with materials that are considerably stronger, lightweight and better looking then what is available in the market.

While our country is celebrating innovative solutions, we give you a factory assembled second home, that can be setup within months. inpod XS- 2.0, is your home away from home. Now you no longer have to make do with a contractor who never meets your deadlines or budget. A compact option for the nuclear family or resort room, it is completely ready to use. The inpod XS 2.0 has a cosy cottage feel, with open style kitchen, glamourous bathroom and inviting bedroom just for you. Smaller than our villa line, it is contained within two pods and is instantly scalable. At a price of 25lakhs it is an affordable option that does not compromise on style or substance.

Indian products no longer need to be associated with makeshift quality or design. Every detail in an inpod home exudes luxury. It features top of the line accessories such as John Guest plumbing, Laminam floorings and Duravit sanitaryware to name a few. With the many benefits of strength, style and complete portability, inpod is the answer to the new age home owner’s needs. Internationally homes are being made of many different materials and the benefits are visible. The homes are stylish with smaller price tags, better construction, increased environmental benefits and increased move in times with much less hassle.

Inpod- XS 2.0 gives you the added benefit of allowing you to enjoy nature while being surrounded by luxury. Now you don’t need to wait many years or experience escalation in costs, to achieve your dream second home. Resort owners can also start their resorts in half the time it would take to achieve set up with conventional materials. With inpod, hotel owners have the option to offer Glamping opportunities to their guests. If you want a luxurious hotel in a remote location anywhere in India, inpod can be easily set up for you.

Nilesh Jadhav, founder, inpod said “We are constantly developing newer iterations of our products to fulfil existing needs. When we started out we knew we were creating something path breaking, but in the long run, intelligent solutions like inpod, is the need of the hour. Why wouldn’t you choose a home that can be set up faster, is relatively low to maintain and still looks glamourous?”

With the Indian government now investing crores of rupees in the development of ‘smart cities’, innovation is the only way to achieve this. Disruptive technologies and ideas like inpod will bring about rapid change and development. Why do you want to be left behind? Get beautiful offices and houses designed to your specific needs. With inpod you can be rest assured that you will receive the same quality and standard that was promised. Now is the time to get behind what Modi’s India is talking about, smart solutions for the discerning Indian customer.