Utilities and EPCs Across the Globe Embrace Intelligent 3D Substation Design

Utilities and EPCs Across the Globe Embrace Intelligent 3D Substation Design

A growing number of utilities, power generation owner-operators, and engineering organizations who design, construct, and upgrade electric substations have recognized the efficiency of intelligent 3D substation design and standardized on Bentley Substation to produce designs with fewer errors, less rework, and a dramatic reduction in manual drafting.

ElectraNet Engineering Lead Draftsperson David Caldwell explained, “Bentley’s state of the art tools enable us to coordinate designs inputs from various sources more efficiently so we have a clearer understanding of the entire project, increase our collection of accurate data, and reduce costs.”

“After initial pessimism, I am a Substation convert,” admitted Mark Peffer, chief engineer, Eskom Holdings (Pty) Ltd. “Bentley Substation is efficiently integrating most aspects of design into one clever little machine that may put me out of work one day.”

“Working smarter rather than harder and longer is the key to staying at the top of an increasingly sophisticated and competitive engineering design market. Nowhere is this better illustrated than in the use of 3D design technology for electrical substations,” noted Barry Grib, project manager, Electrical Substations and Transmission, Aurecon.

PowerChina Hubei Electric Engineering Corporation, Digitalized Design Center Electric Control Team Leader Wang Wei said, “As an intelligent substation demonstration project of a new generation, Xiandong 220kV Substation bravely used digitalized design, employed Bentley platform as its technical solution, built a digitalized model for the whole station, broke the traditional design mode and greatly improved the quality of design products. Data information was inherited and transmitted across the engineering full-lifecycle with 3D technology, which will inevitably lead to the overall improvement of project design, construction, and operation management.”

With its ability to accelerate designs up to 40 percent, intelligent 3D substation design implemented with Bentley Substation has quickly become the standard design practice for leading utilities and EPCs in countries all over the world, including the United States, China, Australia, South Africa, Malaysia, India, Canada, and Spain.

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