VASTURAVIRAJ in World communication Forum

VASTURAVIRAJ in World communication Forum

Dr. Raviraj Ahirrao, Managing Director of VASTURAVIRAJ was privileged by an opportunity to participate in the World Communication Forum (WCF) organized in Davos city of Switzerland on 10 & 11 March, by making a special presentation on ‘Vastushastra – A boon to Communication’.

World Economic Forum (WEF) is considered as the largest, most influential & prestigious forum for the industrial. More than five thousand members connected to various industries gather at Davos every year in January to attend this forum. World Communication Forum (WCF) is also a baby of this WEF. 250 members of 32 countries all over the world were present and speakers representing 20 countries participated in various discussions in the 6th WCF which was organized recently. Speakers included ministers, senior officers of Communication Ministries & top dignitaries from communication world of the concerned nations.

Dr. Raviraj Ahirrao made a studious & experiences based presentation, ‘Vastushastra – A boon to Communication’ under the section ‘Communication Asia’, which received spontaneous responses as well as appreciation from co-speakers & listeners. Dr. Ahirrao elaborated how an ancient Indian Science called Vastushastra would prove extremely useful tool for the modern national as well as international communication systems.

“I am glad for being privileged to present the subject Vastushastra in front of international media”, stated Dr. Ahirrao while speaking to the media on this occasion. “Considering the popularity Feng Shui is gaining, which is actually originated from Indian Vastushastra, I always feel disappointment for being unable in proper presentation of our ancient sciences in front of the world. And hence I am always in search of the appropriate opportunity of doing it at my level best”, he further added.

Discussions held during the two days session included the topics ‘Communication at international level’, ‘Communication at national level’, ‘Communication at Corporate level’, ‘Communication at Personal level’, ‘Importance of Media & PR in Communication’, ‘Importance of social media in communication’, ‘New trends in communication industry’, ‘Importance of education & training in communication industry’, ‘Communication & leadership’, ‘Communication with employees’, ‘Communication in branding – trust building – customer satisfaction’, ‘Importance and threats of Leadership & communication of all the forms’; which was none less than introspective critical analysis of the modern communication industry.

Various dignitaries like Kara Alaimo (Spokesperson of US President Barack Obama), Sergey Zverev (Member of Public Council at the Ministry of Defence of Russia), Kristina Larischova (Junior deputy minister in Ministry of foreign affairs of Czech Republic) and Peter Susko (Press department Director in Ministry of Foreign & European Affairs of Slovak Republic) participated in various discussions held in the seminar.